Fifty years ago, Cespius was a ghost town and its environs were a desolate waste, scoured by a ravenous black dragon lairing in the crumbled keep that dominated countryside. Just why Raspha Apocola, an elven paladin of Avandra, came to Cespius or how she slew the dragon depends on who is telling the tale but her suit of finely wrought black dragon scale armor is evidence that there is at lease a grain truth to all the tales.


After slaying the dragon, Raspha began repairs on a section of the ruined keep and claimed it as her home. With the dragon vanquished and a powerful warden in the keep, farmers soon returned to the fertile countryside and the merchants and commerce followed soon after. A small town sprouted at the foot of the keep seemingly overnight, with much of the new construction paid for in dragon’s gold.


Today Cespius is a bustling farm town, famous for its fertile fields, quality ale, and benevolent ruler.



A small farming community, overlooked by a crumbling keep and surrounded by fields of wheat and barley.

Population: 450 in the town proper, with another 100 living on surrounding farms who consider Cespius their home.

Demographics: Mostly humans and Halflings with some elves and half-elves.  Two dwarves run the celebrated local brewery. No eladrin or dragonborn have settled permanently.

Government: Raspha Apocola is widely considered the ruler of the town, but she shuns any title that would name her so. Still, she is responsible for organizing the town’s defenses and is often called upon to rule on local disputes.

Defense: The town’s most prominent defense is the Lady Raspha Apocola herself (see stat block). Kaleb Bolbeck is responsible for training the town militia and commands a local guard of 20 regular constables with an additional 100 irregulars available at need.

Inns and Taverns: Ballard’s Brewhouse is the famous brewery and the most popular meeting spot for locals and travelers alike; The Fortnight offers lodging and hearty meals to travelers.

Supplies and Equipment: Fedwick’s Outfitting is the local supplier of farming equipment and can provide some adventuring gear. Romanel’s Curious Curios has numerous minor magic items.

Religion: Shrine of Avandra; Temple of the Harvest (Pelor)