I’ve been on vacation in upstate New York for a friend’s wedding which is the main reason for my lackadaisity in updating this site. At the SF airport on the way out of town I picked up a copy of “A Feast for Crows,” book 4 in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” series. I powered through the first three books several years ago. “A Game of Thrones” was one of the most intriguing and gritty fantasy novels I had ever read. I petered out around the middle of book 4 when my friend asked me to return his copy and didn’t pick it up again for 3 years. Now, I find myself lost in a net of intrigues and alliances as I try to pick up the dimly remembered threads of plot and piece out the tapestry that Martin wove in the first 3 books. I am supremely jealous of all you with HBO or onDemand cable and the ability to watch the much-lauded live-action miniseries staring Borimir (that’s his name, right?) as I’m sure that would help me get a better grasp on what is happening three books later.


The Round-Up


Here are some things that have been distracting me from work lately.

Peter Jackson has been slowly releasing pictures of the 12 dwarves in full costume and makeup. The producers of the Hobbit are playing their cards pretty close to the vest so any little scrap thrown to the hungry masses makes a bit of a stir. And this is a pretty big scrap… One of everyone’s main concerns with the production of the Hobbit has been how to make the 12 dwarves distinct and recognizable without having the epic movie degrade into some CG extravaganza of Snow White.

These pictures show that they’ve done a great job keeping the production from looking like a garden gnome infestation. But hey, did we expect anything else from the gurus at WETA? Thanks to theOneRing.net for bringing us the pics and all the latest Hobbit news!

There are shenanigans over at everyone’s favorite casual gaming company. Congratulations to all our friends at PopCap games which was recently acquired by EA. Here’s to keeping it real. Also, they have a fun new blog, written mostly by the always entertaining Jeff Green. Check it out for a good laugh.

I spent a good 3 hours playing Tower Defense games on kongregate.com last night when I could have been doing something productive. My fiance accused me of wasting my time on one silly TD clone after another (“They’re different, I swear! In this one I use monkeys to pop balloons and in this one I use gems to smash little bug things…”) while railing against formulaic writing in novels and T.V. programming. Touché my dear. But Tower Defense still rocks and the butler did it.