We played the Innshouth Horror board expansion for Arkham last game night and it was great. The depth of game design that has gone into Arkham Horror is mind blowing. There are so many peripheral mechanics it seems like the game should be chunky, clumsy like some hideous Franenstein’s monster, but it isn’t. It’s smooth; amazingly so. The game, and each of its many expansions, are so well tuned that the added complexity each expansion brings is a welcome change, which is remarkable considering the nearly fractal nature of the core rules alone.

On game night, we had a pure Innsmouth Horror experience, purging the game of any lingering traces of other expansions. We won the first game handily (which was remarkable because we decided not to cheat at all, and actually stuck to our guns) and we were so heartened by the victory, we quickly set up for round two. In hind sight, maybe we should have quit while we were ahead. Within 25 minutes we had game seals on the board, one away from victory. Jeff was coming out of an Other World  next turn, clue tokens in hand, ready to slap that final seal down, when a monster appeared. We were throwing clue tokens left and right but I have never seen such a slew of bad rolls fall from Jeff’s trembling hands. Ultimately he was devoured, which set the tone of the next hour in which the game decided to show us how excruciatingly evil it can be.