I finished another full retooling of Heroes, including changing the power progression system, tweaking monster stats and adjusting class powers, but perhaps the most obvious change is the work I have put into the art and design of the game elements. The class sheets are really coming together, though I am still working on some of the individual elements, such as the level and training tracks.

I am almost done penciling the board and when that is finished, I need to have it scanned, before I watercolor the original and paint the digital in Photoshop to see which one looks best.

After a few more rounds of play testing, I think I’ll be ready to put together a few good prototypes, and I have been doing some research into the best publishing options. Unfortunately, with the small numbers I am looking at producing, it looks like I might be doing a lot of the work by hand, ordering 6-fold board blanks and pasting the printouts on manually.

Once all is said and done, I hope to have a final product that will be worthy of an attempt to fund it through Kickstarter.