I’m happy to announce that I’ve registered heroesofismia.com as the future home of the Ismia “franchise.” I’ve only spent a little time getting it up and running.  It still requires a lot of content and finesse, but I’m pretty busy lately so that will come when it comes. For now, most of the Ismia news will still be available right here at reedaraymond.com. I intend to migrate game discussion over to heroesofismia.com only as games become ready for public prototyping and hopefully, eventual marketing.

My little project of learning how to program games in Flash is going well. I spent the weekend doing online tutorials and my Amazon order, Foundation Game Design with Flash, arrived this afternoon. I’ll spend a few months working through the book and hopefully come out the other end prepared to design and program my first video game.

The idea beating around in my head right now, still in a very nascent stage, is a flash web game called Villains of Ismia. It will incorporate some of the main aspects of the Heroes board game like gathering, stealing or trading for resources, building special structures and training combat and magic, but you will play as (drum roll) a villain. The game will also be heavily influenced by Dungeon Lords by Z-Man, one of my all time favorite board games.

Keep checking for more updates, or share your thoughts with a comment!