Well, it’s here at last, and while it’s a sad truth that we won’t be spending TableTop Day with out regular gaming group, I have a contingency plan. I haven’t figured out all the logistics yet, but see today’s comic for a preview.

As a regular viewer of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show as well as an avid board game player and designer, I’ve been looking forward to International TableTop Day since the good folks over at Geek and Sundry released the idea onto the interwebs. It’s somewhat reminicent of what Wizards of the Coast has done in the past with Living campaigns and with the current Encounters events but it feels a bit more home-brewed, more wholesome. I encourage you to participate in TableTop Day simply by getting some friends together and playing a game or three.

While you’re at it, I highly recommend heading over to Geek and Sundry and poking around. The assortment of shows that Felicia Day has put together all under one roof is quite spectacular. Don’t forget to subscribe because Season 2 is on its way soon!