I know, I know. I promised to post about combat and magic and everything monstrous in this GDD, but we had a very productive play test on Saturday evening that focussed on something even better: Munchkining!

That’s right! After working for the better part of a year on how to integrate greater player interaction, I think we have finally zeroed in on some pretty cool ideas that will promote greater conflict and strife at the game table. So step aside monsters, you’ll have to wait till next time. This post is dedicated to Ismia PvP!

Before this play test, player interaction was pretty much limited to trading resources with a player in your location or trying to screw them over by stealing their artifact. In the new version classes will have a whole new set of skills designed to hinder or harm your fellow adventurers.

Player vs Player Skills (first draft ideas)

  • Fighter- “Hamstring”: Targets a player in your current space. That character receives one fewer actions next turn.
  • Rogue- “Quick Fingers”: Take one resource from any character in your current space.
  • Wizard- “Transmute”: Can target a character in your space or an adjacent space. Change resources of any one type to the type of your choosing. Costs 1 magic per resource changed. Wizards cannot change their own resources. (Hmmm, seems a little strange to be able to change someone else’s but not their own.  This might not be the best action for the Wizard.  I’ll keep thinking about it.)
  • Cleric- “Roaming Healer”: Characters in the Cleric’s location may spend an action and pay the cleric to heal all their damage. (Because this isn’t an action the Cleric can take and isn’t really munchkinie, I’ll need to come up with another action so Clerics can have some fun too.)

On top of class skills, there were some pretty cool ideas for actions and location powers as well. You’ll be able to pay the local thieves’ guild to steal resources from other players at the “Rogue’s Den.”

There will also be troves of diabolical action cards such as:

  • Treasure Lost: Take three face up artifact tokens, shuffle them and return them face down to any empty artifact slots.
  • Swap Artifact: Swap the location of any two artifact tokens.
  • Refusal: Play on a character in a location with an empty artifact slot. That character places their artifact in the empty artifact slot.

These are just a few of the great ideas that were born during the last play test. I look forward to updating the current version and testing them out.

(Extra special thanks to Dassance, Jason, and Annie for helping with the play test and contributing their ideas!)