Don’t think that my silence has been out of idleness! One of the many things that has kept me busy of late is my plan to add an entire new section to this site dedicated to reviews of board games (and maybe video games but there are plenty of video game review sites that will be hit up before this humble blog). Partially inspired by the delivery of Mansions of Madness, Dassance and my first wedding present, I’ve decided to create a page on this site where I can discuss different board games and maybe get some recommendations from you in the comments!

But board games and website redesigns are hardly the main thing keeping me busy lately.  As many of you may know, I’ve been learning AS3.0 and game design in Flash. I’m most of the way through my first Beginner programming book, and the next one is in the mail. I also found a nifty little WordPress plugin that allows me to easily insert SWF (Flash movie) files into a post for all of you to waste some time on! So here are a couple of projects I’ve been working on. Neither is a proper game. Instead they are studies in techniques that will be invaluable when it comes to designing and developing a real game.

First is one of the earliest projects from the book, Foundation Flash for Beginners. It has a couple of flaws and could benefit from a restart button. The only way to restart the “game” is by refreshing the entire page. But go ahead! Use the buttons to explore the cute kitty’s (modeled after our own Domino) little world and even meet a new friend!

[swfobj src=””]

It’s a far stretch to call this next one a game, but you do get to play the part of a space-faring pig exploring Phobos which you must admit is pretty cool! Again, there are a couple of problems with this one, but the main purpose of the project was not to create a perfect game but to get the player to move across the stage, then once it reaches a certain point on the stage, have the background move to create a sense of continued motion. Anyone who has played a video game knows that these two aspects are fundamental to 95% of games out there. You will need to click on the game before the arrow keys will control the game file.

[swfobj src=””]

I’m still having a blast learning how to program and while these are just baby program with very simple code, it’s not too shabby considering I didn’t know what a method or an argument or even a class was two weeks ago.

In my next post I’ll share my first true game, a tiny little thing, but playable from start to finish with defined objectives and the ability to win or lose. What is it? You’ll have to wait until next time. For now, enjoy Phobos and the cat-infested pastures of my Flash projects!