Anyway, I was going through my wallet to pay for my tea and I came across this little drawing of a flower on a white piece of paper. It had been in my wallet for a few weeks and I’d forgotten about it. When I saw it, the burning started up in my eyes again and I was afraid I was gonna cry, it made me so happy. It gave me this warm feeling all over, like someone else was inside my body with me. The white paper flower was given to me by this little girl a couple weeks back. It was the day I moved out of my old flat and I was taking a break from hauling boxes and stuff. I was sitting on this park bench across from my old building, thinking about the city I was gonna be moving to and the cold and the fog, when she walked right up to me. She didn’t sit down or anything, she just walked up and stood in front of me. Kids can be so brave, they really crack me up sometimes. I almost started laughing right there, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I introduced myself instead. She reached into the pocket of her red dress and pulled out this little piece of white paper. She told me no one should have to feel lonely, and she pushed the paper into my hand, then ran off down the sidewalk.

On the paper, there was this drawing of a flower with six petals and a little leaf; I think it was supposed to be a daisy or something, I don’t know. But it really was a pretty good drawing, especially for a little girl like her. She’s probably gonna grow up to be a regular Cezanne or something. Anyway, it made me feel real good, so I put it in my wallet. I was gonna pin it up on this board where I put all my favorite pictures and articles and stuff, but I kinda forgot until I saw it again, looking for my tea money.

I paid for my tea with my last three bucks and sat down over by the window. All the other tables were taken so I couldn’t get any closer to the fire. I remember being real miserable because I could feel the cold sliding down the window and pooling around my Docs. That was when I found myself envying the guy over by the fire, taking up three spaces on the couch. Envying his ease and his warmth.

© Reed A Raymond 2011