I have been DMing for quite some time now.  I’ve created campaign worlds, and run both pre-published mods and elaborate adventures lovingly crafted by my own hand.  To date, these worlds and adventures have existed solely in my sloppy, disorganized notes and later in the minds of my players. That all changes now.

I will use my Dungeon Master’s Journal to record and share my new mini-adventure tentatively (and alliteratively) titled “Something Sinister in Cespius.” The whole adventure will be released on my site in single encounter chunks, including all the handy maps and information you find in those fancy WotC pre-pub mods. I am also looking forward to fleshing out the little village of Cespius, a town that my very first character (back in ADnD2) became the leader of in her retirement.  You can expect she will feature in the adventure in some fashion.

I’ll detail prominent NPCs and locations in the town, as well as some DM-only intrigue and schemes to help you fit the village nicely into any setting, or possibly spawn an entire campaign!

The adventure will be much more than simply a well fleshed-out village for your campaign setting and a couple random encounters, though.  It will also include new items, powers, monsters and even a new disease all created by yours truly. But enough about what I am going to do in the future, let’s get down to what the adventure will be about.

Adventure Synopsis: The heroes will find themselves in the village of Cespius by means of a provided hook or by the DM’s own contriving. Not long after the heroes arrive, terrible things begin to happen. Several villagers disappear, then others become ill with a mysterious disease.  Events take a ghastly turn when the sickened villagers lose their minds and begin to viciously attack the heroes and other townsfolk.  The adventurers must get to the bottom of the mysterious illness, while avoiding the contagion themselves and dealing with the villager’s suspicions that the events were triggered by the heroes themselves.  Their investigation will eventually reveal the sinister plot of a maniacal magi who bound a Plague Demon in his mad quest for power.  In the climactic battle, the heroes must face the wizard, bolstered by his bound demon, and defeat him without unleashing the powerful fiend upon the town itself!

It has long been a goal of mine to publish an adventure with Wizards of the Coast and this might be a good starting point. Even if it doesn’t see its way into the annals of DDI, it will be fun to share this setting with the D&D community through my site.  I look forward to feedback on the town and encounters as I post them.