Definitely Not A Wolf

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  1. Mike

    I’ve also been playing way too much than is healthy for someone approaching December exams. 😉

    I’m really enjoying the game, but I do sometimes feel that there is a certain way that programmers expect a scenario to play out and when you don’t do that it makes the game feel broken. As a sneaky archer doing hit and runs and hit and hides this often seems the case.

    What’s your build like?

    Also: are you interested in SWTOR? Henrik and I are considering getting it for the Christmas furor~

    • Reed

      Hey Mike!

      My character is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I usually sneak and shoot, then close with dual axes or with ax and magic. Honestly, I enjoy the crafting and trying to get as much money as possible, so I have invested the bulk of my perks in enchanting and blacksmithing. At least I’m well geared, even if I don’t know how to use the weapons!

      I don’t think I’ll be jumping into SWTOR. All these console games are keeping me more busy than I’d like, and another MMO seems…dangerous

      • Mike

        Yeah, I know what you mean about MMOs. I’m thinking I’ll buy it and get the free month and play for that, but once that’s over my semester will be in full swing and I won’t really have time to play anyway.
        My character also enjoys crafting, and I’m now working on getting 100 in enchanting. Already have 100 smithing (sadly I only use one piece of crafted gear), which is really useful for improving equipment. I more than double armour or damage ratings on equipment.
        Alchemy is also very very useful. Healing, paralysis, slow, invisibility, and buffs for skills. It’s great. Also: make some poisons of damage magicka regen, they’re really good for fighting wizards.

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