This is a little project that I started thinking about a while back and blogged about a little on the other site. My goal is to create my first 3D short.  While I have a lot of experience modeling in Maya and C4D, I have yet to spend much time lighting, rigging and animating. So, with the ambitious goal of more thoroughly understanding every aspect of the process, I’ve booted up Maya again and started the first step of on modeling the head.

Starting with the concept I doodled a few years back as a source image, I began with a sphere, deleted the right hemisphere, and started modeling just the left side of the model’s head.

Modeling Tip: Start Basic.  Don’t add detail until you’re happy with the basic shape of the model, then slowly add detail, refining the overall shape as you go along.  The more complex your model is, the more difficult it becomes to change the models cheekbones or smooth out that bump it his head!

This is what I’ve got after a couple hours of playing. It’s not finished yet. I still need to add a lot of detail around the eyes, mouth and forehead, but I don’t want to do that until the shape is right.

Time-Saving Tip: Only model half of your subject. When you want to view the entire model, duplicate your work with “-1” in the X axis input field.  With this method, you can create a perfectly symmetrical model in half the time.

With a quick “command D”  I can view the full model.  It’s still a long ways away from animating, or even texturing, but I hope to get to the body before too long.  I’ll be sure to post some more images, ideas, and tips as the project moves forward.