I’ve been away from Maya for a week now and haven’t had time to work on this model until today. As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot of difference from the previous post.  Mostly, I spent an hour or so poking around vertices and adding some detail around the lips and forehead. I am going for a very strong brow and cheekbones that create a sunken, almost pathetic look in the eyes, cheeks and mouth.

This exaggeration of features extends to the oversized ears, the most significant addition to the model. Once I was happy with the rough geometry of the head, I felt comfortable enough to add this major detail. The ear is simply a sphere, rotated out, flattened and elongated. Once some of the folds of the lobe were added, I combined the two pieces of geometry and merged their vertices to make them on solid model.

From this picture it is pretty apparent that I have disobeyed one of the cardinal rules of modeling by adding a little too much detail into the lobe before the rough shape is correct. Luckily, the wire frame is still pretty simple and a few adjustments shouldn’t be too difficult.

Up next: Between now and next Monday, I’ll be working on finishing the ear, cleaning up the wire frame, and detailing the eyes and mouth. Hopefully I’ll have a fairly complete head for next Monday’s 3D post.