Just a quick update on the 3d work today.  I’d hoped to get a lot more time to work with Maya this week, but once again things have been pretty busy.  I did spend a lot of time with Illustrator designing a tee shirt and some wedding invites, but I’ll save Illustrator for another post.

Most of the work that I have done on the model is around the eyes, and I added the neck which, while the most striking change since last post, was actually quite fast and easy. I simply adjusted the vertices on the bottom of the neck where I wanted the neck to be, selected the faces, then used the “extrude face” tool to pull the neck out of the bottom of the head. After that it was just a matter of sculpting the general shape.  Fine tuning, as always, will come later.

The character in the story is supposed to be a tired old fisherman and up to this point, the model has had some pretty taut skin for an old dude, so it’s time for wrinkles! I’m modeling some wrinkles directly into the model and others will be created with textures.  To create the wrinkles, I use the “split face” tool to create three parallel lines where I want the wrinkle to be.  Pushing the vertices of the middle line in and pulling the top line out a little creates a nice deep fold in the smoothed model. I’ve carved in some crow’s-feet at the corner of his eyes and started work on some deep wrinkles around the eyelids. It still needs a lot of work though, and just as I was really getting into aging this poor guy, the mail arrived.  I rushed out to check, and sure enough, my eagerly awaited copy of Dragon Age 2 had arrived one day early! So Maya went off and I rushed to the kitchen to do some pre-epic-gaming-session chores, poured myself a frosty glass of home-brew and popped in the game.

I’ll expound on DA2 in the next post. For now I’ll be thoroughly immersing myself in stylistic noir fantasy.

Till next time…