I’ve been visiting my best friend up in Seattle who’s a motion video artist with PopCap Games, and I had the opportunity to help his team out with a video shoot yesterday. Without divulging any information that hasn’t already been divulged, it was an afternoon of mischief and shenanigans and yes, even a little bit of hijinks stirred into the mix– a cocktail of fun I like to think of as PopCappery (a term that may already exist, but I am re-coining now).

For the event, I donned the fetid guise of Zombie Temp Worker and shambled around a garden for the afternoon. Turns out, Zombie doesn’t have a green thumb… well, he does, but the only way it’s going to grow any plants is as compost because Zombie demonstrated he doesn’t know the business end of a rake. It was refreshing working with a group of such talented people who get the job done well but know how to have fun while doing it.

To cap off the whole day, we got a group of PopCappers together to play test Ismia. It was the first time that I had the chance to step aside and watch people play the game and the experience was enlightening. Everyone provided great feedback, and I look forward to working in all the great suggestions.

If you’re interested in seeing more adventures of Zombie Temp Worker, check the PopCap blog regularly. There should be some great undead PopCappery coming your way soon!